6th Annual End Of Year List

I was really late last year, this year hopefully I’ve allowed enough time to get my birthday presents, just over a week (the 14th if you don’t remember). I know we all get tired of the cameras always popping up on here, so maybe I’ll only add one this year. For those that aren’t following this tradition, you need to communicate with each other, and make sure every item on that list is accounted for.

You’ll see the price and a link to where to buy the item! I make it too easy for you, I know. You can click on the link to see more of a description too.

Here it goes in price order:

Still haven’t got one, I’ll keep this on my list, my $2 one is leaking, so this would be nice.

$20, Sears

An item to help hang pictures:

$25, Sears

Add to my lighting capabilities:

$30, Calumet

These cards work well, Sandisk 8GB Extreme III.

$33 (each for 3), B&H

Neat measuring tool.

$35, Sears

We’ll keep this one too, 3/8 air ratchet.

$35, Sears

This is pretty neat, may come in useful:

$80, B&H

Cordless drill with 1/2 inch chuck, two batteries.

$100, Sears

Out of all the tools, this is what I’ve needed the most, Reciprocating Saw with tool-less blade change

$100, Sears

If you would like to be generous, the extra drill would come in handy.

$140, Sears

More lights for better photos:

$370, Calumet

Ok only one camera on the to-get list: Canon 7D (with the 28-135 lens please).

$1900, B&H


So, thats the list so far, maybe I’ll add more, we’ll see. Have a good holiday!

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