So Krissy finally got her life long dream: a puppy. I was hoping not to get some ugly dog or one who I could mop the floor with. This one she picked out was a pretty decent dog. Calm personality, friendly, etc. The story behind him is we got him from a lady in Woodridge, she says her mom has like 5 acres in MI and breeds her 5 dogs like twice a year. So this was the last one out of this years litter, a 8 week old male Chihuahua-Dachshund mix, also known as a Chiweenie. So why the name Mica? Well, remember, Krissy is a geologist, mica is a sometimes black mineral. Answer your question?
So we’ve had it three days, and it is pretty well crate/kennel trained. He likes to go in there to sleep, and goes in on his own, so it is going good so far.
So here’s Mica:

I’ll also be updating the pictures in this album when I take new pictures of Mica, so look there for updates!
<<You can also see Mica in the Photoblog!: 6.10.07

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  1. Krissy

    But you’ll be sure to bring your rat for him to play with too!

  2. Deidra

    guys, he’s way tooo cute! Congratulations! How big will he get?

  3. PhotoPhil

    Thanks Deidra, the lady we got him from said he will be about twice the size he is now, so like the size of a cat? but around 10 lbs.

  4. Theresa

    AWWW SO cute!!!!!!!!!!

  5. krissy

    lol, 10 lbs, how about 30!

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